Monday, February 22, 2016

8th Grade Government Project

United States Government Project
1. Form groups of 3
2. Decide/Assign the 3 branches of government between group members (each person is responsible for 1 branch of government)
3. Use the Social Studies textbook as research reference for your branch of government
4. Discuss as a group to clarify meaning and connections between branches as necessary

Individual Visual Project—Group Creative Project: Directions: • Each group member is responsible for contributing to a visual aid that contains all of the information from his or her summary in a creative manner. • Visual aid should be part of a larger group creative project—this is to be decided upon as a team and must all go together. Be creative!
• REQUIRED: Detailed information and hand-crafted visual images (no computer generated or printed photos)

In your group of three, you will design and create a display that shows how the United States government works. This should include the three branches of the government, who/what is included in that branch, their responsibilities, and the power they have to check and balance the power of the other branches.

 Format - A group may decide to get a giant piece of butcher paper and find a creative way to represent their branches of government, or create a graphic novel with drawings and descriptions. They could also create a sculpture, flow charts, dioramas, collages, etc. Be creative.