Wednesday, January 13, 2016

ADV SS Revolutionary War Project

-We're starting a small group project that will last a few days.  The idea is to use the internet and reliable sources (not wikipedia, blogs, etc) to gain some insight into a specific topic from the Revolutionary War. You CAN use wikipedia to get sources from the bottom, or just search your own.
-Keep track of your websites and list them at the end of the presentation.
-Stay focused on how this topic, thing, or person related to the cause of the war, the war, and or the conclusion of the war.
-This should culminate in a 3-4 minute speech with every member speaking for AT LEAST a minute.
-Should have a visual presentation aspect to it (google presentation, presi, or hand made posters)
-Speeches shouldn't be more than 6-8 minutes.

TOPICS (selected in class)

Small Firearms


Soldiers’ Food

Soldiers’ Supplies (non-firearm)

Battle of Saratoga

Battle/Siege of Yorktown

Winter at Valley Forge

The Swamp Fox

Benedict Arnold

Marquis de Lafayette

Casmir Pulaski

John Paul Jones (not the Led Zeppelin Bassist)