Thursday, November 2, 2017

Final Colonies Project

We read, listened to, watched, and learned a great deal of historical content over the last seven weeks.  Your job is to find examples of the following themes from what we've studied.  It can be as far back as Columbus and Spain, or as recent as all of the English colonies being finalized and settled.  

You are to have one example of each of the following themes:
Cooperation, Conflict, Interdependence, perspective, and migration.  After you come up with an example for each of those, you are to choose three more examples (pick any of the 5 themes you want).

Once you have your 8 examples of themes, you are to do one of the following:

Create a comic-strip-like poster with an image explaining your example and 1-2 sentences in the box written properly as a brief explanation of what is happening.


Write 8 paragraphs.  Each paragraph should be a detailed explanation of your example and why it applies to your theme (4-5 sentences long).