Monday, June 12, 2017

Jurassic Park Final Assessment

Jurassic Park Final Assessment Options (You will choose ONLY ONE)

There are many themes in the book Jurassic Park.  Below is an example of one theme and a project that would go along with that theme. Use the example below or come up with your own theme that shows up throughout the book.
A major theme of Jurassic Park is “control” - mankind trying to control nature, which is uncontrollable.   Create a poster showing multiple instances of when things got out of control due to nature finding a way to surpass man’s attempt at controlling it.  This should be done by hand with full written explanations near the images or on the back.  The written explanations should be multiple sentences and completely explain how the scenario fits in with this particular theme, what led up to it, and what the consequence was.  These explanations should explain how nature overcame man in the story.  Minimum 4 examples

The author, Michael Crichton is a trained doctor; because of this most of his books deal with science. It is difficult to read 10 pages in this book and not run into scientific terms, hypotheses, or procedures.  If you are more of a science person, this project might be for you.  Whether it is replicating DNA, comparing dinosaurs to birds, or a host of technological advancements, science is everywhere. For this project you will:

-Locate 3 different sections of the book where the author writes about something having to do with life science
-Spend some time doing research on each of the three different ideas
-Create something that show the result of the research you’ve done – this is INTENTIALLY VAGUE, I want you to come up with something on your own.  This could be writing a research paper, a poster with diagrams, pictures and explanations, a presentation for the class, a video blog, whatever.  Just MAKE SURE you are tying the information you find on your own in with the book and how it shows up in the book.

Vocabulary Story:

We’ve been keeping track of vocabulary throughout the story.  We’ve written our own definitions and sentences using new words and I provided you with my own list of important vocabulary words.  What you are to do is this:  Write your own story using at least 20 of these new/interesting words.   This story should follow the idea of Jurassic Park.  It should be a science-fiction story based in our reality. That means something that is plausible (believable) given the right set up circumstances.  So, not like Star Wars or something fantastical and far-fetched. It should be a story that takes place in modern times but perhaps with a bit of a twist given a hypothetical occurrence.  I don’t want to be too specific, because I want you to have the freedom to write what you want.  This will be graded like any paper throughout the year.  Conventions, originality, sentence structures, AND UNDERLINE YOUR 20 VOCABULARY WORDS!