Monday, February 27, 2017

AVID Application

Please use the link below to create your own copy of the AVID application.  Rename the document with YOUR FULL NAME AVID APPLICATION

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

3 Branches of Gov't Project

Individual Visual Project—Group Creative Project:
  • Each group member is responsible for contributing to a visual aid that contains all of the information from his or her branch notes in a creative manner.
  • Visual aid should be part of a larger group creative project—this is to be decided upon as a team and must all tie together. Be creative!
  • REQUIRED: Detailed information and hand-crafted visual images (no computer generated or printed photos)
In your group of three, you will design and create a display that shows how the United States government works.  This should include the three branches of the government, who/what is included in that branch, their responsibilities, and the power they have to check and balance the power of the other branches.

Format - A group may decide to get a giant piece of butcher paper and find a creative way to represent their branches of government, or create a graphic novel with drawings and descriptions. They could also create a sculpture, flow charts, dioramas, collages, etc.  Be creative.