Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Final Colonial Narrative Assignment

Colonial Narrative Essay
You will research and develop an understanding of the role you have been assigned. Based off of what is discovered, you will construct a historical narrative with at least three fact based supporting details.
1) You will be assigned a role of a type of person in colonial society. a) Research and find answers to these questions for your narrative:
  • i)  What was daily life was like for your role?
  • ii)  What specific jobs/responsibilities did they have?
iii) Where did they fit into their community’s social structure?
2) Create a rough outline with your research and ideas BEFORE you start writing. a) Make sure you include at least three supporting facts with sources
  • 3)  Using what you’ve learned in class and in research you will write a first or third person narrative essay.
    • a)  You need to use factual dates from at least three reliable sources.
    • b)  You need to cite ALL sources in a bibliography.
  • 4)  You will be assessed on integrating your knowledge into a work of historical fiction and on conventions.
a) Remember to refer to the rubric as you are outlining, writing, and editing your narrative
Size 12 normal font
One to two pages 1.5 spaced
Approved internet sources are:
  • .edu, .org., .gov, or britanica.com OR
  • mvstudentblog.wordpress under the RESEARCH/Colonial tab
A Bibliography is a list of the sources you use in your writing and is REQUIRED at the bottom of your paper.

• *Snap&Read or EasyBib.com will help you create your MLA bibliographies

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