Wednesday, April 4, 2018

AVID Civil Rights Equity - Equality Presentation

The Venn Diagram Below should guide your research.  You are to learn about CURRENT Civil Rights / Equality / Equity issues in America.

Your presentation should include how Equality and Equity are related to each issue and how they both intertwine with Civil Rights issues in America today.

Finally, you need to include your opinion on the matter.  If you talk about 2 or 3 current issues in modern America, you need to include an "INFORMED" opinion about what we could do to rectify (make better) those situations.

They might be issues that apply to only one or a few states and you could use other states (that don't have the issues) as examples of what those states could do differently.  They might also be issues that apply to our entire country, the way a system or institution works, and you could use other countries as examples of how we could do things better/differently.

This should be a 2-3 minute presentation where you explore 2-3 modern civil rights issues, how they relate to equality AND equity, and finally, what we could do to make these issues better.

Some website that might help you are:

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