Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Map Paragraph Instructions

Your expository (intended to explain or describe something) paragraphs should be FULLY DEVELOPED.  That means they answer all the important questions and probably be 6-8 full sentences long.  Imagine that each paragraph will take you about a minute to present (NOT READ) to the class. The options for your paragraphs are below: you can choose any combination you want.

1. You can write a paragraph about each invention or industry that you included on your map.  You should include:
What it is, when it was invented, who invented it, WHY does it matter, why did you place it where you did, HOW the invention shaped American industry/society, etc.
2. You can write a paragraph about natural features, like waterways or mountain ranges.  You can include why they were important to the migration of people in the country, how they influenced the development of our nation, difficulties and/or benefits they provided people back then, etc.
3. You can write a paragraph about states/territories.  How did a state become a state? If writing about a particular state, include how/why it became a state and why was that important? What was a territory and how was it different from a state? Who was in control of that particular territory and how were rules/laws different?

Individuals MUST write AT LEAST two paragraphs, groups of 2 must write AT LEAST 4 paragraphs.  AT LEAST means AT LEAST!

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